Inc. Village of East Williston

'I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.' A Lincoln

Village Boards and Committees

Village Boards and Committees are listed below. 

Each member of the Village Board has liaison assignments as shown below for boards/committees.

Chairpersons are noted first with members following in alphabetical order by last name):


Michelle Tanner, Chairperson

  • Eileen Calder
  • Lisa Feimer
  • Susan Quinn
  • Kaitlin Quinn
  • Ellen Ritz
BD OF ZONING APPEALS  (liaison Mayor Tanner)
Michael Holland, Chairman

  • Lucie Decsi
  • Richard Raab
  • Michael Vessa
  • Philip Chappo
  • Sal Asaro (alternate)
  • Thomas Blennau (alternate)
E.W. SENIORS  (liaison Trustee Parente)
Joan Linden / Carla Strauss, Co-Chairpersons
PLANNING BOARD (liaison Trustee Parente)
John Lekstutis, Chairman

  • Roger Cocchi
  • Robert Shannon
  • Rafaella Siskind Dunne
  • Michael Vecchione
HISTORIC COMMISSION (liaison Trustee Siciliano)
  • Elise Campagna
  • Joan Fleck
  • Ann Mageau
HISTORIC COMMITTEE  (liaison Trustee Iannone)
Christopher Siciliano / Judy Buonocore, Co-Chairs

  • John Geager
  • Ann Mageau
  • Tom Murphy
  • Barbara Seixas
LIBRARY BOARD  (liaison Trustee Siciliano)
Joseph Hoffman, Chairman
  • Virginia Geager
  • John Lekstutis
  • Lynn Markus
  • Joseph Masters
RECREATION COMMITTEE  (liaison Trustee Casella)
Stephanie Keys / Caroline Fraser, Co-Chairs 

  • Peggy Feil 
  • Lisa Feimer
  • Ann Mageau 
  • Sherry Graffigna 
  • Lynore Igoe
  • Sandi Polinsky 
  • Louise Sanginario

Other liaison assignments are:
DEPT. OF PUBLIC WORKS - Trustee Siciliano
EMERGENCY MGMT. - Trustee Casella
FIRE DEPT. - Trustee Iannone
GRANTS - Trustee Parente
JUSTICE COURT - Trustee Casella
LITTLE LEAGUE - Trustee Iannone
SANITATION - Trustee Siciliano
SCHOOL BOARD - Trustee Vella
TRAFFIC - Mayor Tanner