Inc. Village of East Williston

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The Village Plumbing Inspector, Robert Gramman, advises us that any installation that requires a connection to a gas line MUST be installed by a LICENSED MASTER PLUMBER.  This is the

 New York State building code law. This applies to clothes dryers, gas fireplaces, gas heating equipment, outside barbeques etc.


Please make sure that your plumber obtains a permit from the Village.   The process of obtaining a permit protects you, the homeowner. The Village requires proof of the plumber’s credentials as well as their current insurance coverage before a permit is issued.


Upon completion, your plumber must have a final inspection of the work done by Mr. Gramman.  It is a suggestion that you may want to arrange for final payment at the time the final inspection is made and approved.


If you have any questions, please call the Village office.