A tree permit application must be obtained before taking down a tree.  Trees included are:


1.       A deciduous tree which exceeds 30 inches in circumference.

2.       An evergreen tree which exceeds 16 inches in circumference.

3.       Any tree exceeding 25 inches in circumference located within a freshwater wetland.

4.       Any tree within any public right of way.

5.       Any tree exceeding 16 inches in circumference within a critical environmental area of the Village.

6.      Any rare or endangered species of trees or shrubs as listed by any government agency of New York State or the United States.

7.       Four or more trees, 16 inches in circumference or greater, on any single property within the Village during any 12 month period.


Circumference shall be measured at any point between the ground level and a height of four feet.



The Incorporated Village has retained the services of an Arborist to perform inspections of trees throughout the Village.


1.      If resident desires that a tree be removed per ARTICLE XV SECTION 160-63, the Village will have its designated Village Arborist inspect the tree and make a determination, upon filing of a Village Tree Removal Permit and payment of the Village Arborist’s inspection fee of $50.00.

2.      A resident may challenge the findings of the Village Arborist by hiring its own independent Arborist and submitting their report.  Should the report of the resident’s independent Arborist indicate removal is warranted, both Arborists will confer on their findings.  In all cases, the findings of the Village Arborist will be final and a report will be made of the inspections and kept on file in the Village Office.


Revised 7/2011


You may click HERE for the application