Recycling Information

The following is a list of those items which are to be recycled:


Paper:  newspapers and inserts, magazines and newsletters, direct mail and catalogues, construction and wrapping paper, index and greeting cards, paperback books.

Plastics:  food and dairy containers, juice and water containers, liquid detergent containers, bleach containers.

Metals:  food, beverage, pet food and juice cans, aluminum foil and pie tins, old pots and pans and small scrap metal.

Glass:  clear and colored glass containers.  LIGHT BULBS ARE NOT RECYCLABLE.

For a complete list and how to prepare such items, stop by the Village Hall and pick up the town of North Hempstead Recycling Program leaflet.  For ANY sanitation questions, you may contact Meadow Carting at (516) 338-0121.