East Williston History

(from EAST WILLISTON HISTORY - by Nicholas A. Meyer)

East Williston, in the geographic center of Nassau County, New York State is a distinguished residential village.  It has more of a rural atmosphere than one would expect to find in such close proximity to New York City, from which it is less than twenty-five miles in distance.

The first name of the area was "The North Side", so called because;use it was located on the north side of Hempstead Plains, the town's grazing grounds.  The first recorded use of the name - "The North Side" was on a deed dated January 19, 1663.  That name continued in use for about two hundred years.

Gradually, the name "Williston" came into use toward the middle of the Nineteenth Century, in deference to the many families named Willis residing in the area.  That name was changed to "East Williston" in 1879.  This early East Williston comprised an area of almost four square miles, extending from Jericho Turnpike to I.U. Willets Road, and from Herricks Road to Bacon Road.

In 1926, a small portion of that area was incorporated as "The Incorporated Village of East Williston".  The present village comprises an area of less than one square mile.