General Regulations for the Village

Annual Testing for Backflow devices


Residents who have automatic, underground sprinkler systems are required to have the backflow prevention device tested by a certified backflow tester once each year.  This is a mandated by the New York State Sanitary Code.  After the device is tested, the backflow tester must submit a copy of Form DOH-1013 to the Village Office, as the Village must report the tests to the Nassau County Dept. of Health.  You may advise the plumber or the individual who tests your device to fax the form to 516-746-3130.  We note that the testing of the device is required, but also protects our water supply! 

We thank you for your compliance.


Building Permits

Permits are usually required for demolitions, extensions, fences, driveways, decks, pools (above and in-ground), lawn sprinkler installations, tool sheds etc.  If you are unsure whether a permit is needed for a potential project please call the Village Office at 746-0782.

The Building Inspector accepts and reviews applications for building/plumbing permits. He or she also performs periodic construction site inspections to insure compliance with approved plans.   

For more detailed information, please see the Building/Plumbingsection.


Garage, Yard, Tag Sales

The only time a permit will be issued for a garage sale is when your home has been sold.  If you have sold you home and would like to have a sale, please contact the Village Office at (516)746-0782 to obtain a permit.